Drew's Story

One rainbow drawing at a time, Drew is determined to remind the world that everyone is SPECIAL. Since the age of 7, Drew has drawn over 8,000 rainbows and handed-out over 18,000 of his rainbow cards people all over the world to remind them that they too are SPECIAL. His many stories and conversations are the reason why we –

Recognizing Gifted Artists and Their Amazing Talents


 Developing Thriving Careers for Gifted Artists

“There are a number of extremely talented artists who have some form of intellectual or developmental disability.  As a society & through Drew's Rainbows, we are helping them to develop their careers as thriving artists and support their amazing talents."

Drew and many of his gifted artists & friends have so much to offer to the world with their artistic talents. Drew’s Rainbows and our foundation have just launched "Drew's Rainbows Art" and helping GIFTED artists to make a living doing what they love. Only 19% of individuals over the age of 18, with an intellectual & developmental disability are employed, and the art world offers a way for these artists to thrive in their careers and make a living selling their artwork.  Drew's Rainbows helps to educate our artists, market their artwork, and generate sales & commissions for them through our online art gallery. 


Creating a Culture of Inclusion Through Art

“Drew's Rainbows Foundation has partnered with Best Buddies to host quarterly art social events that bring special individuals together with the greater community to learn how to paint, draw and learn the art of  photography.  Drew's Rainbows ART FOR EVERYONE is a wonderful way for us create One-to-One Friendships around art and community." 

Not everyone is a natural born artist and this allows everyone to come together as a community and creating INCLUSION for everyone who wants to participate. You never know when Drew's Rainbows will find the next great artist.


DREW GETS IT! -- Documentary Film

Drew's message was heard loud and clear! People were inspired, touched & indeed felt special. As a result, the documentary film "DREW GETS IT!" was created to share Drew's journey with everyone. DREW GETS IT! was a feature film at the Cincinnati ReelAbilities Film Festival, Marietta Film Festival & the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival!