Become A Sponsor & Donate to Drew's Rainbows 

Please consider donating to Drew's Rainbows Foundation and our social enterprise business for helping GIFTED artists in many of our communities.  Our mission is to help educate, promote and assist in the development of their art careers and to make a living as thriving artists.  We have found that there are .... SOOOO many talented artists that have some form of an intellectual or developmental disability that they have overcome through art and creativity.  Art is one area that brings the community together in such meaningful way and can help to create a livelihood and career for our amazing artists and friends.


A Great Way to Support Our Artists & Their Careers

Individuals, companies and charities contribute to The Arts all over the country and in every city. It is also important to contribute to our GIFTED community of artists and supporting their talents and the inclusion for everyone in The Arts. Please consider making a donation AND also purchase some of the artwork from Drew's Rainbows. 

OPTION 1 -- Donate to Help Market & Promote Our GIFTED Artists

Drew's Rainbows is very active in the marketing and promotion of our gifted artists and works with some of the top online and e-commerce marketing programs in the country.  Through the marketing efforts of Drew's Rainbows, we are able to properly identify and develop individual art enthusiasts, companies and organizations with a love for The Arts and more importantly .... supporting GIFTED artists!  






OPTION 2 -- Donate to Help Us Purchase Art Supplies

Drew's Rainbows helps to fund the necessary art supplies for our GIFTED artists to make things a little easier on them and not having to worry about these items and being creative.  The funding for our art supplies also helps with our quarterly community events for -- Drew's Rainbows ART FOR EVERYONE, and bringing the greater community together with our partner, Best Buddies and creating One-to-One Friendships.  




OPTION 3 -- Purchase Artwork from Our GIFTED Artists

Donations are great, paying for art supplies are wonderful ... BUT purchasing a colorful painting, a beautiful illustration or some of the outstanding photographs from our gifted artists is the best way to show your support.  There is something for everyone, including your home, your office or a gift for others.  Please see the fabulous collections of our GIFTED artists.  




Corporate & Charitable Partners Coming Soon